Our Story

Marianne Manes

For three generations Marianne Manes’ Swiss family has been making sublime truffles and chocolates. Now living in Hollywood California, she and her husband Eric Manes created Coco Suisse to share their passion for world class Swiss chocolate. 

At Coco Suisse we use only the finest Swiss chocolate, hazelnut gianduja, organic cream and other quality ingredients.

Made without preservatives and chemicals, we suggest you enjoy Coco Suisse products within several weeks to delight in a wholesome experience with the natural ingredients shining and their full flavors.

The Swiss chocolate we use is made from only the most superior quality beans bought directly from farmers at select global locations at fairtrade prices. Doing so promotes sustainable environmental farming and healthy societies, and the highest quality standard of cocoa beans is achieved. Because we know exactly where the cocoa comes from we know it was farmed without child labor.

Once in Switzerland the beans are slowly and gently roasted by masters at their craft. The sublime fineness, which Swiss chocolate is famous for, is attained by conching the cocoa mass, known as cocoa liquor, for up to 72 hours. The frictional heat of conching decreases the size of the particles and promotes the nuanced flavors of the chocolate it is made into.


As chocolate makers we’re well aware of the benefits of cocoa butter and want to share its benefit with you. Coco Suisse Hand Balm and Lip Balm contain no petrochemicals (which dry out skin and don’t nourish), fillers, colorants or artificial ingredients. As with our chocolates we use only the highest quality ingredients.

To quote Jiro in “Jiro loves sushi”, ULTIMATE SIMPLICITY LEADS TO PURITY.

We believe and are inspired by that in everything we do.

Coco comes from a family of chocolatiers, but she also has two chemists for grand-fathers and a great aunt who was a pharmacist in Bern, Switzerland. That’s probably why she loves to formulate and create products for our Coco Suisse Skin Care line. Being very health conscious, it’s integral in our philosophy to use non-toxic ingredients for our natural skin care. The fewer ingredients the better and especially the ones you can’t pronounce have no place in our formulations. Loads of chemicals stabilizing, thickening and coloring mostly water with token active compounds have no place in our philosophy. Nature gives us so many gifts and we try to honor them by leaving them as whole as possible.

Whenever possible we choose packaging that is already recycled or can be recycled, FSC paper stock and we constantly strive to conserve energy and resources.

Not animal tested

Palm Oil free

Keeping things all in the family, Marianne’s mom has designed Coco Suisse's packaging. Suzanne Potterat is a graphic designer in Bern, Switzerland.